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Scorched App

Out of Character Information

Player Name: Sora
Player Journal: [personal profile] sonicsora
Playing Here: Lili Zanotto
Where did you find us? Aki linked me originally, now I just live here.
Are you 16 years of age or older? Yeeep.

In Character Information

Character Name: Eddie Riggs
Canon: Brutal Legend
Timeline: End of Brutal Legend/End of the facility.
Character's Age: 36, never stated in canon, just my head canon.

Powers, Skills, Pets and Equipment:

Thanks to being one of the better roadies around Eddie has skills that range from the mundane (Making the perfect sandwich/Shining boots) to the extreme (Building a stage up from the barest minimum and making weapons.) His fighting abilities range in wielding his axes, one a guitar he's affectionately named 'Clementine' and an actual axe that he cuts through enemies with. In the land of metal 'Clementine' can summon lighting, fire and various solo's that affect the landscape as well as summon things. The axe- well it just cuts things up real good. In facility Eddie remade his axe, before winning the original back in an experiment. So he carries around two Separators and one guitar.

Beyond that when stressed or ready for a fight Eddie can change into a more demon form, it gives him the ability to fly, an up in his sense of smell, attack with more strength and withstand blows better then he normally would.

As mentioned above, Eddie can transition between two-forms; human and demon. He outwardly changes appearances and seemingly gains more endurance during a fight alongside his new ability to fly. His looks don't change much when in this form, his skin turns a dark red as does his hair, his eyes change to a golden glowing red, his fingernails turn into slight points and he is able to summon wings on command.

Clementine's solos consist of these below. It will be stated in the explanation of the solo which one will work in Anatole and which won't. If the mods want to be thrown out as well tell me!

*Relic Raiser: Non Applicable.

*Summon Deuce: Useable.

*Battle Cry: Usable

*Anvil of Burden: Usable.

*Facemelter: Useable

* Bring it on Home: Non Applicable.
*Battle Cry:

* Rock Block Non Applicable

*Call of the wild: Useable.

* Light of Dawn: Non Applicable

Eddie is a skilled guitarist, be it a man who can only play cover songs and mimic said songs very well.

Canon History: Game history riiiight here

Personality: Eddie can be described in many ways, idiot savant, every day joe, charismatic bastard. No matter what you call Eddie, he is still easily a sociable kind of guy. Able to befriend most anyone and smooth talk his way into gigs. He's certainly not the suavest sort of guy (I.E: his constant potty mouth), but he can manage to blindside people with his friendliness. What can surprise others though is the fact his friendliness isn't an act, he does mean well with what he does and he always wants to help everyone he meets. He strives to be helpful and get the job done right. He has a heart under all that heavy metal and he's quick to attach himself to people who he can see potential in. Some part of him wanting to make them shine. His roadie sensibilities are never far under the surface when it comes to others. He always serves everyone first and foremost, usually relegating himself/his own concerns to the back of his mind. He does this all with a boundless amount of energy, which seems to be replenished by further doing things for those he meets. He doesn't want glory or honor, he simply wants to make star shine like they should.

Eddie can also be described as an idea man, someone who comes up with plans on the fly and somehow makes it work (most of the time!), he tends to wildly and blindly jump into situations with little forethought. If he thinks he can do something to aid the situation or just start something himself, he will jump in there willy nilly. He only ever realizes his mistake after everything is done and over with. This trait is also tied extremely close to his tendency to adapt to situations quickly, he usually only giving a cursory blink of surprise before rolling with the punches. Eddie tends to think on his feet and just trying to assess the new situation while he's on the move, preferring to do now and think deeply later. If he sees someone he thinks needs help Eddie will automatically attempt to jump in and do something to fix what's wrong. He'll pull people under his figurative wing and try to help them best he can, even if his help isn't desired. He'll try to give everyone a chance, until they prove themselves untrustworthy or seem entirely off to the roadie. Then he holds a grudge hard, you have to work overtime to prove yourself to the roadie again. He will hold grudges close to his chest and refuse to let go of it.

Eddie can be classified as immature at times, unwilling to budge on an idea he deeply believes in or trust someone he has a strong bias against. Eddie reacts emotionally before he does logically, which certainly aids tendency to get into trouble. He tends to react strongly on assumptions he comes up with on the fly, digging his heels stubbornly into this idea. Eddie despises being wrong and generally doesn't like admitting defeat. It takes awhile before he can actually eat crow when it comes to being wrong. He'll act bratty and childish when in an argument or plain refuse to listen to the other side, simply cursing them out instead of reasoning things out.

Eddie has a distaste for anything too insanely different from him. With his experience at the facility, Eddie has let this soften some, but it is still present. Uncertainty and distrust will come in spades from him if you are a glam rocker/demon/or a combo of the two. He is immensely hateful of demons. If you are a demon, he will hiss, spit and snarl at you. He's incredibly arrogant and steadfast in believing all demons/monsters/whatever are evil. His assumption will always be solidly that they're up to something devious while pretending to be good. Even with his half demon status, Eddie generally refuses to give demons a chance to really be in his good graces. His utter hated also fuels a lot of self hatred when it comes to his own heritage, he is uncomfortable with the idea he is the enemy. This discomfort and fear leads him to lashing out more harshly at others he see that fit the image he hates so passionately.

Why do you feel this character would be appropriate to the setting? Eddie's canon source is one of brutality, heavy metal and plenty of warfare. He's very adept at surviving and making the best of a situation. Be it for the glory of heavy metal or to get a beer.

Eddie as stated above learns whilst on the go and won't take Scorched or Anatole for granted, this is especially true when you add in his two years of living in the facility. After years of living in a terrible place, I'm hoping the more open world will help Eddie grow further as a character. Eddie is a go getter of a guy, he'll want to be heavily involved with helping people and being social. He's prone to fits of heavy metal madness and throwing random parties.

Previously Played Information

Previous Game: [community profile] a_facility.
Length of time there: Two years.

Important development and/or events in your previous game: I'm focusing primarily on describing character developments, if I tried to list off actual in game events we'd be here forever.

Eddie's growth as a person can be measured by him learning to accept others whilst in the facility. It certainly wasn't an immediate process nor has it completely made Eddie a new man. He still is a heavily biased man, he is very, very reluctant to trust demons or any other species he deems suspicious. His own denial of his demonic heritage has stunted his interactions with others. He refused to really be in his demon form unless it's for fighting in fear that he'll go mad with power and become his mother. Reassurances from others and testing out this form has helped Eddie's fear soften at the edges, but it still lingers there.

Over the two years he's been forced to endure living in the facility, Eddie learned he can't always fix everything nor can he save everyone. This is something he's hated to learn, but it's mellowed him out to some extent. He knows not to try and fix everything for everyone anymore. He's slowly learned how to take more time for himself and still be selfless when it comes to caring for others. Even with that, there is a slight sadness to him. He has refused to left the facility break him, but he still suspects death is lingering around every corner. This has made him protective of those he cares for, occasionally too protective and insistent on making sure he can help them in anyway possible.

His changes can be attributed to the harsh enclosed environment he was forced to live in, alongside the people he met. Particularly a sudden surprising romance with another captive, Sasha Nein. It wasn't over night, but the two learned they had a mutual attraction neither could fully understand.

Sasha Nein became a large part of Eddie's life and helped the roadie to mature a little as well as trust people a bit more. The two became serious enough to live together and slowly try to build a family, adopting misfits as time went on. Facing plenty of troubles whilst trying to corral three trolls and two psychic humans. They had a quiet grace period of peace together before their would be family started to drop like flies. This sent Sasha into a spiraling depression, whilst Eddie tried to pick up the pieces for the both of them. He took up more responsibility in order to keep his mind off of the tragedy that had become his life. He became the head of maintenance for the station, focusing his energies on fixing his crumbling surroundings.

Writing Samples

Network Post Sample:

[Eddie just squints at the forge in hand, opening his mouth for a moment gathering air before closing it. Eventually coming up with a simple oh so eloquent response.] Huh.

Well, okay. This ain't exactly where I was expectin' to wake up to, but whatever. I can deal with this. Probably, maybe. [He wrinkles his nose a little in thought.] Long as there is booze, I am okay with this.


Is there booze? A man has needs. Drunk ass needs. There better be at least a way of makin' booze, or at least a beer tree. I need more beer trees in my life.

Sasha, if you're out there- you better be okay, or I'll kick your ass. You'll be black and green, you dense motherfucker. You owe me like six kisses for puttin' up with this shit, right here. [He motions to his cheek demandingly.]

Third Person Sample: This

The roadie could only really bite the inside of his cheek as rubbed his knuckles, trying to ignore the dull ache hadn't gotten very far. He hated how tired he felt right now, it wasn't exactly making him feel very motivated to go back out into this new world and explore more. He had already poked around the city thus far, looked over interesting nooks and crannies as he made his way through the surprisingly lively city surrounded by mist.

Some part of him was genuinely excited to be somewhere new, somewhere that wasn't an empty hull of a space station. The air was fresh here, real honest to god food, real people and the sound of a thriving city. It wasn't the biggest place he had ever been to, but it was more alive than anything he had seen back on the station. Eddie's enthusiasm for adventure was something fundamentally hard to really shake from him, especially not when he had a chance to live again. A chance to try and do some good again. He could do something for these people, find his spot here somehow. Do odd jobs for money or favors for people who really needed it. He'd find a way to make people shine like they should.

Thinking about the good was helping him push the bad back, but not by much. He couldn't deny the bad, not when it weighed so heavily on his heart like this. Not when Sasha wasn't here with him. No one in the city had seen the German man, much less heard of him before. Sasha just wasn't here.

That bit of truth made Eddie feel more lonely than he had ever felt in his life. He grimaced openly at the passing thought, hunching into himself slightly as he rubbed at the bridge of his nose.

"God damn it," He sighed lowly to himself, forcing himself up and off of his lumpy bed to peer out of his apartment window. Opening the window to let some air as he let his mind run.

He wasn't about to forget Sasha, but he couldn't mope around. He needed to make a game plan and take charge of things. He had led a revolution back home and he'd find his calling here too. He wasn't a quitting sort of man. He'd keep looking for Sasha, but he wouldn't let it take over his life.

Anything else? /weeps