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Player Name: Sora
Player Contact: AIM: TrixySonicsora, Plurk: sonicsora, DW: [personal profile] sonicsora

Character Name: Eddie (Nein-)Riggs
Canon: Brutal Legend
Game Transplant: [community profile] a_facility
Original App: Here you go Prepare for terribleness.
Game Summary: A_facility can be summarized as a torture box in space, originally run by Doctors trying to make an army of super soliders out of clones. The clones naturally rebelled, bit by bit taking over the station as time went on. Their rebellion caused The Doctors to put Val in as a fail safe, only to have the AI turn on them and take the subjects side of things. The game concluded with Val malfunctioning and shutting down as the station plummeted to a nearby planet.

How long was your character in Game: 4 years.
History of Character in their Game: Giving Eddie's whole history in game would not be a fully possible task. I'll try to give a solid play by play of certain events best that I can. Experiments happened weekly, so it makes explaining his history complicated.

Eddie's change didn't start immediately, he initially idled in the facility, unsure where to start in such a small enclosed place. He hadn't really found his niche or people he could get close to thanks to his last memories of his home world consisting of fighting Ophelia. His bouts of falling comatose often in his early days certainly didn't help himself settle into the facility very well. It was initially a struggle for him to find his footing without a war to back or bands to help.

He found himself something to stay busy by becoming the local blacksmith for the station. The idea came to him when he realized he like everyone else needed their weapons in an enclosed space like this. After he made his own axe, he saw fit to open his services to others.

Unsurprisingly the offer of free things or possibly getting their lost weapons back pulled people to Eddie. This is what kick started a lot of his personal relationships. He maintained a reputation as a man who built finely made weapons/crafted items by hand. His roadie skills allowed him to learn quickly and build almost anything given enough time to ponder how it was put together.

Eddie's active role in the facilities community as 'the weapons guy' helped him survive harsher experiments within this torture box. He befriended people by doing them favors or merely talking about the craft behind weaponry. He spent two years working as the main weapons crafter in the station, meeting new people near constantly due to his job. Doing his part to cause a little bit of rebellion amongst the cloistered 'rats' in the station. This included occasionally throwing a party to cheer people up or simply giving away spare weapons/old food he managed to keep on hand. Eddie thrived on doing something to help others, this included sharing food he earned as payment with people he cared about and took under his wing.

One such person pulled under his wing was Radical Edward, the child hacker genius. She latching onto Eddie surprisingly quickly after they met. The fact the two were odd ducks in the sea of torture propelled them to befriending one another quickly. Eddie even found himself feeling parental over the tiny hacker as time went on. The two finding mutual ground as Eddie taught her the ways of heavy metal, hoping he was doing a vaguely okay job in taking care of the vagrant child. Her time at facility wasn't long though, Edward succumbing to clone sickness and passing away whilst Eddie himself was comatose. The realization he never got to say goodbye really hurt the roadie and made him realize how much he did care about the kid.

This is a trend Eddie continued even after Edward's death in the facility, he kept adopting kids he saw life in and wanted to protect. His need to nurture talented people gradually shifted to a parental bond when he found kids who needed help or guidance in some way. This tendency especially grew when he started dating Sasha Nein more seriously (which is addressed below with a timeline), the two having the luck to find wild children in need of care.

His natural inclination towards caring for others and managing people was upped when Val took over the station. The rebellion caused by the subjects to finally have the upper hand in things. They took over the Doctor and Intern's quarters on the station along with finding out they were all actually in space. It also meant the subjects had to take a more active part in caring for the station instead of simply coasting along being lab experiments. Eddie along with a select few other subjects (Tsunade, Bucky Barnes, Howard Stark, Sasha Nein, etc) were called to take charge of the station. He volunteered to be the maintenance man for the station, finding hope and some comfort in the idea he'd help everyone out by repairing basic things around the space station. This hope and comfort didn't last particularly long as this sense of peace quickly fell apart. Eddie and Sasha's adopted children starting to die off one by one, leaving Sasha a shell of his former self. Eddie struggled to maintain the station as well as keep his relationship in one piece.

Sasha Nein: Eddie's relationship with Sasha Nein started as most do- as a friendship. Eddie had met Sasha when he first arrived in the facility, but never really kept tabs on the man until he came upon Sasha's post about Milla. Concern spurred the roadie to offer Sasha comfort via kind words. Alongside checking up on the man often enough to make Sasha wonder what he did to warrant the attention. Even with Sasha's initial confusion towards Eddie's high level of friendliness, the two did build an honest friendship together. Eddie offering to teach Sasha how to play guitar, Sasha translating German heavy metal songs in turn. Spending a lot of time together snarking and talking.

Below I've built a timeline of events of their friendship and gradual romance. This is Eddie and Sasha's direct interactions, if you want threads of them discussing their romance with friends please ask!

*First meeting
*Second meeting
*In person meeting
*Third meeting
*Guitar lesson #1
*Sasha trusts Eddie with his ring
*Attraction starts
*Evil Twin week 1/3
*Evil Twin 2/3
*Evil twin continued 3/3
*Guitar lesson
*Comforting one another
*Marriage proposal
*Marriage announcement

How did they change from their canon personality wise (Please explain what caused it to happen?) Eddie's growth as a person can be measured by him learning to accept others whilst in the facility. It certainly wasn't an immediate process nor has it completely made Eddie a new man. He still is a heavily biased man, he is very, very reluctant to trust demons or any other species he deems suspicious. His own denial of his demonic heritage has stunted his interactions with others. He refused to really be in his demon form unless it's for fighting in fear that he'll go mad with power and become his mother. Reassurances from others and testing out this form has helped Eddie's fear soften at the edges, but it still lingers there. His acceptance is shaky at best. He enjoys the perks of his demonic form, but doesn't enjoy what was associated with it in the land of metal.

Over the two years he's been forced to endure living in the facility, Eddie learned he can't always fix everything nor can he save everyone. This is something he's hated to learn, but it's mellowed him out to some extent. He knows not to try and fix everything for everyone anymore. He's slowly learned how to take more time for himself and still be selfless when it comes to caring for others. He's working on finding a good balance when it comes to this due to his immediate response always being to throw himself into the middle of things. Even with that sense of growth/realization, there is a slight sadness to Eddie. He has refused to left the facility break him, but he still suspects death is lingering around every corner. This has made him protective of those he cares for, occasionally too protective and insistent on making sure he can help them in anyway possible.

His changes can be attributed to the harsh enclosed environment he was forced to live in, alongside the people he met. The Facility was a stark contrast to the wild freedom that came with the land of metal. Eddie couldn't directly attack the source of the problem here. This led to much tighter bonds forming and Eddie banding together with his fellow captives to figure a way out. Particularly a surprising romance with another captive, Sasha Nein. It wasn't over night, but the two learned they had a mutual attraction neither could fully understand at first.

Sasha Nein became a large part of Eddie's life and helped the roadie to mature a little as well as trust people a bit more. The two became serious enough to live together and slowly try to build a family, adopting misfits as time went on. Facing plenty of troubles whilst trying to corral three trolls and two psychic humans. They had a quiet grace period of peace together before their would be family started to drop like flies. This sent Sasha into a spiraling depression, whilst Eddie tried to pick up the pieces for the both of them. He took up more responsibility in order to keep his mind off of the tragedy that had become his life. He became the head of maintenance for the station, focusing his energies on fixing his crumbling surroundings. Clinging to the people he knew desperately as the station kept falling apart around them. Eddie became his spouses support system and had no one else to really talk to. The stress has made Eddie cling to responsibilities desperately. He finding safe harbor in mindless work and being able to do something with his time beyond trying to pry Sasha from the bed.

This decay continued, causing the station to drift into a meteor field and causing the station to crash land on a nearby habitable planet. Eddie is pulled from before the crash itself.

How did they change from their canon physically (Please explain what caused it to happen?): Eddie has gained a few scars over time, deep scratch marks on his wrists, faint scarring on his chest around his heart, a particularly a large shovel blade scar across his back from a canon update he had mid-game.

Powers: Thanks to being one of the better roadies around Eddie has skills that range from the mundane (Making the perfect sandwich/Shining boots) to the extreme (Building a stage up from the barest minimum and making weapons.) His fighting abilities range in wielding his axes, one a guitar he's affectionately named 'Clementine' and an actual axe that he cuts through enemies with. In the land of metal 'Clementine' can summon lighting, fire and various solo's that affect the landscape as well as summon things. The axe- well it just cuts things up real good. In facility Eddie remade his axe, before winning the original back in an experiment. So he carries around two Separators and one guitar.

Beyond that when stressed or ready for a fight Eddie can change into a more demonic form, it gives him the ability to fly, a spike in his senses, attack with more strength and withstand blows better then he normally would.

As mentioned above, Eddie can transition between two-forms; human and demon. He outwardly changes appearances and seemingly gains more endurance during a fight alongside his new ability to fly. His looks don't change much when in this form, his skin turns a dark red as does his hair, his eyes change to a golden glowing red, his fingernails turn into slight points and he is able to summon wings on command.

Clementines solo's are stated below.

*Relic Raiser
*Summon Deuce
*Battle Cry
*Anvil of Burden
* Bring it on Home
* Rock Block
*Call of the wild
* Light of Dawn

Eddie is a skilled guitarist, be it a man who can only play cover songs and mimic said songs very well.

Due to his stay in facility, Eddie is wearing a collar that usually nerfs his powers. I've chosen to play it as the station crashing knocked his collar offline entirely. He can never take it off, but it isn't functional by this point. He still has clone sickness, which weakens him to some extent. Eddie is more prone to sickness due to his weakened clone stature.


*Clementine (his guitar)
*Wedding ring
*Cigarette lighter
*Pack of cigarettes
*[2] Battle Axes
*Faciliberry (Communicator)
*Basic carpentry tools (hand made)
*Hand made satchel
*Alessa's music box
*[2] Sweater vests & Slacks (Gifts from Sasha)

Please provide three samples from your previous game, at least one will have to be third person with context:
Sample One: Eddie coping with the facility by launching himself into social situations

Sample Two: Eddie dealing with the realization he's a half demon.

Sample Three: Eddie and Sasha talking out their mutual depression.

Notes: I talked to Amanda, she's okay with having Eddie and Sasha live together.