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OOC Information:
Name: Sora
Age: 18
AIM: trixemoon
Y!M: N/A


IC Information:
Name: Eddie Riggs
Fandom: Brutal Legend
Timeline: Mid game, after the point they meet the Zaulia.
Age: Estimated early twenties
Appearance: Eddie is a pretty buff and big guy, he stands somewhere in the 5'6 range, he has mid-back length black hair, a five a clock shadow, mutton chops and a patch that could be constituted as a gotee. He wears a basic black t-shirt, black beaten up jeans, a belt buckle with Ormagoden on it, a black leather vest with buttons and chucks. He has brown eyes, pale skin from lurking in the shadows more often then naught. Only recently has he been becoming a little more tanned. He has a broad back which allows him to easily carry a guitar and an axe strapped to it, his vest has two tears in the back for when he goes demon. He changes into his more demonic form during battle, his skin turns a dark red color as well as gain a more leathery texture, veins popping up more prominently along his arms, neck and hands. His hair also turns into a reddish black color, his eyes change into a glowing goldenish yellow.

Abilities: Thanks to being one of the better roadies around Eddie has skills that range from the mundane (Making the perfect sandwich/Shining boots) to the extreme (Building a stage up from the barest minimum and somehow making it work.) His fighting abilities range in wielding his axes, one a guitar he's affectionately named 'Clementine' and an actual axe that he cuts through enemies with. In the land of metal 'Clementine' can summon lighting and fire and the axe- well it just cuts things up real good. Beyond that when stressed or ready for a fight Eddie can change into a more demon form, it gives him the ability to fly, attack with more strength and withstand blows better then he normally would.

Eddie has several solos in game, they range from face melting to summoning a burning blimp down into enemy troops. Eddie has nine solos in total.

The few solos he does have access to are:

Face Melter - As stated it'll melt any enemies faces off and kill them instantly.

Bring It On Home - This summons a burning blimp from the sky and causes damage or death to nearby enemies. F3 only.

Battle Cry - This solo ups the morale of troops, it increases damage done onto enemies.

Summon Duce - Only works in F3, this solo summons his car into being for a short amount of time. In game it's there as long as needed, but here its limited.

Personality: Eddie is what you'd call a charismatic bastard, he effortlessly makes friends and can convince even the leeriest of people to join his cause. He can befriend almost anyone and everything. It's hard to say no to what he does. Even better is the fact he has a good heart and good intentions under all that charisma. He means well with what he does even if he is a little gruff around the edges. Eddie is essentially an idea man who can get a ball rolling, but with his eagerness to start something he rarely if ever researches things or thinks twice about a decision. He'll sometimes blindly jump into things with the best intentions and end up making it worse thanks to wanting to help. Other traits the man possesses is his ability to adapt quickly to things, he may have a small blink of confusion at first but will just roll with the punches, already constructing something in his head and trying to figure out how to make things better. He generally just keeps trucking no matter what comes at him.

History: This is spolieriffic, anyone who hasn't finished Brutal Legend please DO NOT read this.
A long time a go, there was a world of 'Metal', it was ruled by a Demoness named Succoria. Succoria and her people had enslaved the human race. The Humans eventaully attempted to rebel under their leader Riggnarock, but it turned out the demons had too many tricks up their sleeves and won, leaving the few surivors to be killed. Rigganarock was lucky and survived, although he ended up in Succoria's personal slave group. But Riggnarok was originally was on a mission to kill the demoness, and that he let himself be captured to go with Succoria on her mission into the future to steal its secrets. But this plan was derailed when they did make it into the future, Succoria losing her will to live when she saw demons were extinct, that humanity ruled the world instead of the demons. Thanks to this she decided set her slaves free, all with the exception of Riggnarok fled into the world. He remained to slay the demon, though he found himself unable to, she a pitiful creature in comparison to her former self, he finding himself pitying her, taking care of her instead of killing her. The two slowly but surely started to become friends, it budding into more as time passed. Eventually the their relationship created a child, that child being the end of Succoria's life and the start of Eddie's.

Eddie grew up normally as anyone could, Riggnarok never mentioned his sons true origins while Eddie was growing up. He never did have a chance to learn ether since his father died when the roadie reached adulthood. It leaving Eddie with the task of cleaning up his old childhood home finding an old battered t-shirt along with a certain item that would turn out to be important later. It a odd belt buckle, Eddie assuming it was his father's took it.

He wore the belt buckle not knowing it was a literal portal in his pants. Getting even the smallest drop of blood in the buckle's mouth would have sent him back to the land of metal, this happening one day thanks to an accident happening on stage. The stage for a band he was working for literally fell on Eddie, crushing the roadie and nearly killing him. Only when his blood dribbled into his belt buckles mouth did something amazing happen. Ormagoden- The God of Metal itself- ripped his way through the concerts floor, the cremator of the sky killed the band members of Kabbage Boy taking the roadie to the world of Metal. Landing Eddie right in the middle of a temple owned by the new lord of the demons, Doviculus. He escaping from Doviculus' temple with a woman he met there named Ophelia and joined up with the human rebellion.

Well, not really a rebellion since it was only three people, Lars-The King of the Humans, Lita-Lars' sister and Ophelia-who was hot. Eddie's arrival helped set things in motion, he freed the people from Lionwhyte's grasp. Taught Lars how to set up an army and working behind the scenes to make things work out. Slowly but surely he managed to help the rebellion push their way up to Lionwhyte's pleasure tower, Ironheade planning on taking the glam rocker general out so they could be free.

Their plans were derailed when they remembered the fact that Lionwhyte was not really the biggest threat out there, his boss Doviculus was the one truly in control. The only way they could be free was to battle the demon lord himself.

But before they could load up the bus and plan what to do next Doviculus had the wonderful timing to show up, the demon lord scoffing at their attempts at rebellion, mocking them before questioning where and why Succoria had joined with the humans. It lead to mistaken identity with everyone assuming Ophelia was Succoria. It was not helped by the demon bringing Oph's blades as proof. He was talking poorly enough about the human rebellion to draw Lars out from their hiding place jumping to challenge the demon lord. Sadly that proved to be a bad idea, it lead to the death of Lars, Ironheade fleeing for their safety and Ophelia being kicked out because of Doviculus words indirectly implicating her as Succoria. Needless to say it was a busy day.

Three months pass before Ironheade is provoked into action again, they having been hiding out in a snowy region to avoid detection from Doviculus. Instead of the demon lord finding them something much different ended up attacking the camp. Something dark, quiet and sinister. The Drowning Doom. Ophelia had made her own army, having returned to the Sea of Black tears like Eddie and Lita had assumed she did. Eddie decided to go face Ophelia himself to try and stop the Doom from killing their rebellion. It enough to kick start Ironheade back into the action it hadn't been in for several months.

It did take long before their journey to the sea helped them meet up with Ophelia once more, she had changed drastically since they had last seen her. She openly hostile and angry at the people that she had one called allies. She tore down only bridge to the Drowning Doom lands to keep Ironheade from coming after her and her army.

Sadly for Ophelia this attempt to thwart Ironheade did not last long, Eddie managed to rebuild the bridge, guiding the bus along only to be stopped at the entrance of the jungle by fire breathing beasts. Eddie being the less then logical man he is wasn't deterred by this, he made a crazy plan to capture the beasts and tame them.

But with this plan came the wrath of the beast's owners, the Zaulia, a tribe of warrior women who have no concept of how exactly clothing in general works.

The Zaulia being warriors did not go for a light punishment, they decided to kill Eddie, Lita and the Fire Baron for capturing the beasts. But in the process of trying to escape death Eddie revealed a large mural with his father depicted along with the Zaulia, it granting the roadie and his friends their freedom along with a new set of allies.