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No guts, no glory

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Name:Eddie Riggs
Birthdate:Aug 28

N O G U T S , N O G L O R Y .

IC Information:
Name: Eddie Riggs
Fandom: Brutal Legend
Timeline: Towards the end of the game. After the battle in the Dry Ice Mines.
Age: 36
Birthday: August 28th 1977
Appearance: Eddie can easily be described as a tank of a man, he standing somewhere in 6'7 range with broad shoulders and large impossible to picture muscles. He more or less is a artists nightmare. He has mid back length black hair with bangs sweeping off to one side, mutton chops, a almost constant five a clock shadow and soul patch. He has large brown eyes, a few lines under them from lack of sleep, a soft nose and a surprisingly warm smile that makes his strong jawline look softer. He's almost permanently donned casual easy to move around in clothes. A black t shirt with a crew pass blocking the odd logo on the front, black leather vest, deep blue jeans and chuck taylors. The only things that stand out are his spiky wristband, colorful buttons decorating his vest and odd belt buckle.

His general appearance only changes when he gets angry or there is a fight going on, the adrenaline will pump him up and make him change into his demon form. His skin turning a deep dark red color as well as a rough leathery texture, veins becoming more prominent, his hair taking on a reddish black tint, his teeth sharpening to points as well as his nails doing the same and glowing golden red eyes.

He can also summon wings in this form, they are more boney in nature and lighter than the rest of Eddie. Light enough that the wings membranes themselves have holes in places. They able to slip in and out of his back on whim.

Abilities: Thanks to being one of the better roadies around Eddie has skills that range from the mundane (Making the perfect sandwich/Shining boots) to the extreme (Building a stage up from the barest minimum and making weapons.) His fighting abilities range in wielding his axes, one a guitar he's affectionately named 'Clementine' and an actual axe that he cuts through enemies with. In the land of metal 'Clementine' can summon lighting and fire and the axe- well it just cuts things up real good. Beyond that when stressed or ready for a fight Eddie can change into a more demon form, it gives him the ability to fly, an up in his sense of smell, attack with more strength and withstand blows better then he normally would.

Personality: Eddie can be described in many ways, idiot savant, every day joe, charismatic bastard. No matter what you call Eddie, he is still easily a social kind of guy. Able to befriend most anyone and smooth talk his way into gigs. He's certainly no suave guy, but he can manage to blind people with his friendliness. What can surprise people though is the fact his friendliness isn't an act, he does mean well with what he does and he always wants to help people. He strives to be helpful and get the job done right. He has a heart under all that heavy metal and he's quick to attach himself to people who he can see potential in. Some part of him wanting to make them shine.

Eddie can also be described as an idea man, someone who comes up with plans on the fly and somehow makes it work (most of the time!), he tends to wildly and blindly jump into situations with little forethought. If he thinks he can do something to aid the situation or just start something himself- he will jump in there willy nilly. He only ever realizes his mistake after everything is done and over with. This trait is also tired extremely close to his tendency to adapt to situations quickly, he usually only giving a cursory blink of surprise before rolling with the punches. He thinking on his feet and just trying to assess the new situation while he's on the move. He generally just keeps trucking no matter what comes at him. He could be consider immature at times, but usually he wears his heart on his sleeve and enjoys being a social guy. If he sees someone he thinks needs help Eddie will automatically attempt to jump in and do something to fix what's wrong. He'll pull people under his figurative wing and try to help them best he can, even if his help isn't desired. He'll try to give everyone a chance, until they prove themselves untrustworthy or seem entirely off to the roadie. Then he holds a grudge hard, you have to work overtime to prove yourself to the roadie again.

With all the good does come bad, primarily his inherent distaste for anything too insanely different from him. With his experience at the facility, Eddie has let this soften some, but it is still present. Uncertainty and distrust will come in spades from him if you are a glam rocker/demon/or a combo of the two. He is immensely hateful of demons. If you are a demon, he will hiss, spit and snarl at you.

He also has a horrible mouth, cursing up a storm and teaching anyone in the vicinity just where a umbrella and screwdriver should be shoved if you anger him. Eddie also is overly calm about killing and bloodshed. He generally is carrying around a giant axe, so be unsurprised when he pulls it free to hack at something. He speaks the language of brash unrelenting violence. He is unafraid to kill if he needs to, nor will he hesitate to take a killing blow unless you're something he's close to. He is willing to protect the masses or protect people in general, but he is not shy about death.
Overall Info Rating: G - NC17. Though I will warn you NC17 = rarity on my part. Eddie only sticks his dick in Sasha.
Death: Discuss beforehand please, I enjoy Eddie being alive.
Smut: Eh, if we talk it over and it feels IC.
Yaoi - Het - Yuri: lolol update, Eddie is with Sasha Nein Oh in game happenings! So yaoi happens .
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