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[London was a mess, to put it simply, Eddie was doing his best to walk around the debris littering the street. The sky is a dull, ugly gray color.]

This place is a fucking wreck. [He sighs this, keeping the food he has handy tucked his arm as he tried to avoid stepping over crumbling Akuma bodies. The roadie keeping his eyes on his surroundings. He doing his best to stay quiet as to not attract attention.

This plan works out pretty well for several blocks, he relaxing a little when he sees the music store. Starting to jog over to it. A smile slowly appearing as he mentally congratulates himself for making it this far and running into no troub-

Eddie!? Wait! Slow down! [The pace Eddie had, so very close to the music store is halted when he hears that voice. He whipping around to stare at the brunette suddenly appearing. It was Ophelia. His Ophelia. He's within sight of the music store, food nearly being dropped as he takes in the brunette in surprise.]


One and only. [She says this with a smile, walking towards him. Lips pulled into a smile as they stared at one another. Eddie's considerably distracted as she gets closer, his heart jumping into his throat.] Babe! You're- normal!

Of course I am~ [She smiles, fluttering her lashes, Eddie is too dumbfounded to notice the fact Ophelia would NEVER do that. Eddie has failed to notice another thing, an black inky substance curling around his feet, shifting behind him, gathering into a puddle as she approached him.]


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Eddie Riggs

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