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[London was a mess, to put it simply, Eddie was doing his best to walk around the debris littering the street. The sky is a dull, ugly gray color.]

This place is a fucking wreck. [He sighs this, keeping the food he has handy tucked his arm as he tried to avoid stepping over crumbling Akuma bodies. The roadie keeping his eyes on his surroundings. He doing his best to stay quiet as to not attract attention.

This plan works out pretty well for several blocks, he relaxing a little when he sees the music store. Starting to jog over to it. A smile slowly appearing as he mentally congratulates himself for making it this far and running into no troub-

Eddie!? Wait! Slow down! [The pace Eddie had, so very close to the music store is halted when he hears that voice. He whipping around to stare at the brunette suddenly appearing. It was Ophelia. His Ophelia. He's within sight of the music store, food nearly being dropped as he takes in the brunette in surprise.]


One and only. [She says this with a smile, walking towards him. Lips pulled into a smile as they stared at one another. Eddie's considerably distracted as she gets closer, his heart jumping into his throat.] Babe! You're- normal!

Of course I am~ [She smiles, fluttering her lashes, Eddie is too dumbfounded to notice the fact Ophelia would NEVER do that. Eddie has failed to notice another thing, an black inky substance curling around his feet, shifting behind him, gathering into a puddle as she approached him.]

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[Heather is so over London. Fake London. With its monstery things and... debris. Looking like Silent Hill. Not cool. Not even a little.

She hears Eddie's return with food, and glances out the window of the store, just in time to see him with... someone else. Someone it looks like he knows, but... something was wrong about her. Way wrong.

Heather picks up Mr. Pipey (her bff), and heads out to intersect.

Hey, uh-- Eddie?

djkass, I am sorry this tag became so longgg

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[Heather's sudden arrival does shake him from the odd stupor he was in. He taking a step away from Ophelia to glance at the teen. He smiling at her easily, not sensing anything wrong with the situation. Two people he cared about were here, consider him pleased.

Though a flicker of annoyance crossed the brunette woman's features at the teen's approach. Her smile cracking around the edges at Heather.

Heather- shit, didn't mean to take as long as I did. Was trying to avoid being noticed by the Akuma things. [He gestures with his head back down the empty dirty streets.] Didn't want to lose our lunch because of a fight. Took me awhile to get it made an all.

Eddie, who is this? [Ophelia cut in, taking another step towards the man, his reactions slowing a little, Heather can probably see the normal appearance around Ophelia fading, skin almost blue. Eddie seems not to see this, he feeling oddly dizzy. It made worse as Ophelia gets closer, black puddle behind Eddie bubbling the closer she got.] Oh- uh, this is Heather, she's a friend of mine babe.
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no worries, you are two people right now :D

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[Yeah, this is not kosher at all. Heather hasn't seen any of the Akuma things yet, but... this is just not good.]

Eddie, be careful, she's -- changing!

[Changing into what? Hideous flashes of Claudia mutating into the "God" thing flash in Heather's mind. She raises Mr. Pipey, grips him tighter as she approaches. She glares at "Ophelia."] Never mind me, what are YOU?

I will still apologize for the longness though, Curse Ophelia for making it that way >>

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Changing? But she's fine- [Eddie blinks, trying to regain his sense of balance, backing off again as Ophelia bristled, brown eyes turning black as she cut a glower at Heather. He places his free hand on his head, trying to stop the weird dizzy feeling going on.]

I'm his girlfriend. [Ophelia states this darkly, she trying to get Eddie to come back to her. Black inky tendrils rising up from the ground to hover behind the roadie. She blew some hair out of her face stating.] Beat it little girl.

[Eddie has to scowl a little at that, his head hurts like crazy, he almost backs into the tendrils if not for Ophelia grabbing at him. She adding to Heather mockingly] The adults are talking~ Go play somewhere else.
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It's allll good \o/

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[Oh, fuck this. Evil black tentacle thingies going for her friend are bad enough, but the bitchy mocking is what really gets to her. She grits her teeth.]

I'm NOT a little girl!

[Heather stalks forward and swings her pipe at "Ophelia." If this is all some sort of mistake, she'll apologize later. Maybe.]

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[It meets Ophelia's head with a solid thunk, the woman giving a pained sound and jerking back away from Eddie. The illusion she had been using falling away to reveal blue skin, black watery substance curling around her as clothing.]

You little bitch! [Ophelia snarls this at Heather, the inky black water gathered at her feet swirling with her rage. Eddie finally snapped out of his stupor as Ophelia attempts to aim a tendril strike at Heather, the roadie quick to get in front of the blond teen block the blow with his axe. Black ink splattering across his clothes as Ophelia slithered closer with a scowl.]

No one but I can have you Eddie. No one. You broke my heart, so I'll rip yours from your chest. [Eddie bristles back at Ophelia, he glancing to Heather. He's hoping she's good with running.] I'm fond of my heart, so lets just skip that. Heather an I got shit to do.

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[Heather stumbles back when Eddie gets in the way. At least he wasn't standing around anymore, and didn't seem offended that she had just clocked his "girlfriend" in the head.

Definitely time to leave, though. Heather isn't terribly attached to the music store anyway. She turns to bolt with Eddie.

So, monster thing? Or is your girlfriend just some kind of mutant bitch? Er, no offense.

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[He's gladly running along with her, he keeping his axe out just incase Ophelia comes after them. He may not be as fast as the teenager, but he's keeping up with her.]

Uh, s'kind of complicated. She went evil after we broke up. Ey, no offense taken, she's been trying to kill me for a month or two anyway. [Weak smile at that, he not sure whether he should get into it or not.] Sorry about lunch, the whole 'Evil girlfriend tricking me' thing kind of made me drop it.

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[Pant.] No big, I'd rather be hungry than dead. [Chances a glance over her shoulder.] Bummer though, [pant] that this isn't the first time she tried the death thing. Does she always use tentacles?
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True enough, I'm kind of fond of the whole living thing myself. Still going to be a pain to find food I can cook though. [Ophelia doesn't seem to be following them, the street clear behind the two.] Sometimes she'll use hordes of zombies, walking heads and rats. She's got a thing about undead things now. [He manages as they run, he starting to slowly feel tired himself.]

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[She stops when it's clear there's no Ophelia following. She pants a few more times, bending over.]

That... really blows. Has that happened since you've been here, or was that even before this hellhole?

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[The roadie leans against a nearby wall for support, giving the blond a concerned look as he tries steady his own heart rate. She keeps that up she'll earn more fussing from Eddie.]

No kidding. Before I got here, they dropped me into this place around the time she turned into- that. [Small grimace as he gestures back where they came.] I was fighting against her. Like I said to you before- it's kind of complicated.

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[Nah it's cool, she'll regain her breath in a few seconds... She straightens again.]

Jesus. How'd she get like that? If... y'know, you don't mind sharing.

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[Still enjoyed the momentary concerned look that crosses the man's features before he wrinkles his nose a little at her question. A hand wandering up to rub the back of his head in thought.]

Back where they yanked me, there was this sea, it was apparently made up of one woman's sorrow, since she grief stricken she cried enough to make an entire ocean. At least that's what the legend says about it. [He waves a hand at that, deciding to skip over explaining the entire legend of The Sea of Black Tears and get to the point.] Ophelia decided to jump into it and crawled back out covered in its gunk. It drove her nuts.

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... Sooo... Where the hell's that sea? So I can avoid it. Forever.

[Still, the story doesn't sound as bizarro as it could be. Her hometown descends into hell on occasion and she's had to fight the monsters that were spawned by it.]

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It only exists in my world, so it's not likely you'll run into it any time soon, but yeah, stay the hell away from the damn ocean. It's big and black, hard to miss. [This is the short version, minus the fact a god died and how many years the woman/Autelia cried for. All of this is powered by heavy metal, so Eddie's life is little strange.]

I'd rather not lose someone else to that damn sea. [He shakes his head, finally moving to put his axe back onto his back. The lack of attacks means its safe- for now.]

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Your world? So you mean, like, you're not from the normal one?

[Not that zombies are normal, but... it never really occurred to Heather that there could be one place for normal everyday humans other than THE EARTH. She leans on Mr. Pipey like a walking stick and looks around too.]

I guess... we could resume that search for food together...

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I was than I was yanked into another. [Only now does he realize how weird that actually sounds, it shows on his face before he shrugs it off.] It was the past apparently? Hell if I know how this world jumping shit works.

Probably a good idea. Usually takes forever to actually find anything edible in this place. [He cracks a small smile at this, easily shaking everything off to survey their surroundings again.] I'd say stick close, but you've got common sense unlike the nut jobs around here.

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Ohhhh, I get it. I think. [Wayyy too much like Silent Hill to fit her tastes. One world, then another... each one worse than the last.]

Well, two pairs of eyes are better than one, right? [She'll shrug off the bizarro attack of Eddie's girlfriend, too. Can't dwell on horrible stuff too much, it's not productive.]

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We'll stick with saying our lives are crazy.

Ha, true. Make the whole food search a hellva lot easier. [He's glad of that, the roadie preferring to ease back into the odd friendship they've built thanks to this strange place. He spots one store that looks vaguely like a bakery.]

Lets head that way, looks like a bakery to me. It's gotta have something that's still good.

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Good plan.

[She perks at the mention of a bakery.] I could go for a donut right now. They did have donuts in 19th century London, right?

[She starts trotting over toward the storefront, her boots clomping as she goes.]

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Hell if I know kiddo. We might as well check. I know I wouldn't mind having some kind of baked good.

[Eddie's walking along with her, relaxed, but still keeping an eye out for A. Akuma and B. Ophelia. He's hoping both don't show up at all during his and Heather's hunt for food.]

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Pffft, I'm not a kid, you know. I'm almost eighteen. [And... other ages, but it's better not to get into those.

She pushes open the door to the bakery and takes a cautious look around before going in with Mr. Pipey at the ready. When the coast looks clear, she calls back to Eddie.
] This place looks safe!

[Next moment she's poking around behind the counter, searching for something edible.]

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[Eddie gave a small chuckle at her 'not a kid' protest. He's thirty, he can get away with calling her a kid.

The roadie needs no further encouragement to follow, he glancing around the shelves and brick a brack lining the stores walls. Heather can probably hear him picking through the shelves.
] Ha, found at least one piece of bread that isn't hard a rock over here. Maybe some cakes survived or something!

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Hey, are you laughing at me? It's the truth. I'm not some little girl!

[As soon as he mentions the cakes, she finds some behind the counter.] Ohhh, score! And they don't look messed up or anything

[She grabs a piece and samples some tentatively.] Just a bit stale...

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