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WTL - Mailbox

3337 Cream Puff Way
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[personal profile] pythianjudgment 2013-11-13 06:59 am (UTC)(link)
[There's no sloth that delivers this mail. Some miscreant has stopped by in the dead of night to hand-place a piece of folded paper in your mailbox. They were even considerate enough to flip the red mail-flippy-thing up, to alert you to your "gift". After unfolding the paper, there is a picture drawn on it:]

[How did this weird person find out where you live? Probably by stalking you, or something creepy like that. Who knows.]
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[personal profile] preuxchevalier 2013-11-27 07:57 pm (UTC)(link)
[As with most of his mail, Bertie sends this letter via bee. It really is just faster than sloth. Who puts a sloth in charge of a postal system, anyway? The note is short and in Bertie's elaborate cursive. Just because you're going for brevity doesn't mean you should get sloppy about it.]

Mr. Edward Nein-Riggs
3337 Cream Puff Way

I'm sorry.

Most Heartfelt Apologies,
B. W. Wooster
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[personal profile] preuxchevalier 2013-11-28 04:14 am (UTC)(link)
[Bertie gives it a day before sending his reply.]

Mr. Edward Nein-Riggs
3337 Cream Puff Way

I am at your complete discretion whenever you might wish to speak on the matter. Or write. You needn't apologize, though, what I said to you was unforgiveable, the mark of scoundrel of the highest degree! Or the lowest degree? I'm not entirely sure of the direction of gradation on such a scale, but whichever end comes out the rottenest, that's the end you might find one Wooster, B. and his appalling words and misdeeds on.

Most Heartfelt Apologies,
B. W. Wooster
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[personal profile] wolfishsurvivalist 2014-02-12 02:00 am (UTC)(link)
Hey bro, want to talk to you about something serious. I've been getting a really bad feeling lately and want you and Sasha to know what's up just in case. I don't expect anything to really happen, but I can't be sure and I'm trying not to freak out.

Also, if you two ever need to talk about Alessa, I'm here. I know more about Silent Hill than I'd like to now that I've actually been there myself. Don't let Sasha beat himself up too much, I'm worried for him.

Take care, okay?

♥ Mika

ps I made chili do you want some?
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[personal profile] wolfishsurvivalist 2014-02-12 06:22 am (UTC)(link)
I'll be over soon then. I want to finish making something first.

Are you sure he seemed like he wasn't going to be okay after the meeting. :<


well I just figured I'd ask anyway ♥
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[personal profile] chalicejoker 2014-06-27 11:33 pm (UTC)(link)
[Darkroach has just learned what fishing is! Sort of. Get fish, people like fish, yay! He would also like to leave Eddie a token of appreciation for showing him this music thing on his guitar, so he's sharing his fish! Sadly, this means that he has left a dead fish in Eddie's mailbox--or if Eddie's lucky, he's caught in the act trying to leave a dead fish in the mailbox. Someday, maybe Hajime will learn to watch his minion better.]
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[in action]

[personal profile] chalicejoker 2014-07-17 12:00 am (UTC)(link)
Darkroach jumps at the sudden voice, but then he chirps proudly and holds the fish out for Eddie to take. It's a present! Hooray, presents!

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Delivered the Morning of August 24th

[personal profile] thelostmods 2014-08-24 11:34 am (UTC)(link)
[Eddie will find the following threatening letter in the mailbox should it be checked.]

Now hear this:

On this day, the 24th of August by your human accounting, we have captured the most despicable Mailsloth. The League of Legislacerators wish it to be known that they have no name for this contemptible criminal. Never have we heard of such disrepute! A vagabond without a name!

Might those who wonder at her crimes be informed that she stands accused as such:

1. Excessive sloth
2. Dereliction of duty
3. Marauding about without any purpose
4. Egregious misuse of a Mailsloth’s hat

If you want to have her back
Better be quick and find the sack
She kept the letters and mail in
Even when they were getting thin.

Go to the east where the bridge overthrows
The river you’ve forded or watched as it goes.
Beneath the trellis, tucked up really tight,
You’ll find the bag there, so use all your might.
It’s more than a one-person job you will find.
So, take on a partner, or two, six, or nine!

- The Wholly Legal and Within Their Rights League of Legislacerators
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September 16th, after inhibitions are restored

[personal profile] preuxchevalier 2014-09-15 04:15 pm (UTC)(link)
[In deference to their Mailsloth issues, this letter is placed in the mailbox and delivered the day of sending by Lady Harriet.]

Mr. Edward Nein-Riggs
3337 Cream Puff Way

I must extend my most sincere apologies for my conduct over the past several weeks. I wasn't at all myself, and it left me speaking improperly to you and about you, dressing in a most egregious manner, and generally acting not at all as a gentleman should. I'm so sorry for ever bringing up anything related to your private affairs and mine. I shan't say another word about them ever again, but I should understand in full if you'd like to tell me to sod off and go and boil my head.

Most Heartfelt Apologies,
B. W. Wooster
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Watch Bertie misinterpret this...

[personal profile] preuxchevalier 2014-09-16 02:24 pm (UTC)(link)

You're far too kind, much kinder than I deserve. Thank you for playing it off. As said, I'll keep everything under the hat from here on out. Mum's the word and a nod's as good as a something-or-other.


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delivered via telekinesis

[personal profile] psycheslantern 2015-09-23 12:44 am (UTC)(link)
What the actual fuck dude I th()ught the c()nsensus was that we were g()ing t() N()T enc()urage Zephyr t()ward gratuit()us vengefulness
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[personal profile] psycheslantern 2015-09-23 01:43 am (UTC)(link)
"A threat ()r tw() c()uldn't hurt" is what y()u said, dude

An empty threat is w()rse than useless when the pers()n they'd be threatening already dem()nstrated a c()mplete lack ()f respect f()r b()undaries. If they figure ()ut Z's n()t seri()us ab()ut hurting them then they d()n't have any reas()n t() believe that Z's seri()us ab()ut any ()f the rest ()f it

I mean what the shit I kn()w y()u're huge and intimidating and all but have y()u really never been in a sitch where y()u didn't want t() s()lve a pr()blem by hitting shit until it went away???

If we d()n't want Zephyr hurting pe()ple we als() d()n't want Zephyr putting themself in a p()siti()n where they need t() hurt pe()ple

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[personal profile] psycheslantern 2016-03-13 01:43 am (UTC)(link)
Y() dude

I'm thinking ab()ut thr()wing a party ()nce the weather breaks in a c()uple weeks, because we d() n()t have rem()tely en()ugh parties ar()und here, and I was w()ndering if y()u'd help ()ut with like, music and stuff? I really d()n't have a s()und system w()rth spitting ()n and I kn()w that's kind ()f y()ur, like, v()cati()n ()r whatever

Anyway, n() real hurry, I'm waiting until we d()n't have a shitl()ad ()f l()()se crystalline precipitate ()n the gr()und, but get back t() me? Thanks

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[personal profile] psycheslantern 2016-03-17 08:00 pm (UTC)(link)
If y()u've g()t extra lying ar()und that'd be great? I was planning ()n wishing up a bunch ()f the drinks but I figure Zephyr's pr()bably g()t en()ugh ()n their hands with the seas()n change s() the less we need t() ask them t() directly supply the better

(T() be h()nest I'm kind ()f h()ping t() set up en()ugh ()f a brewery/still/whatever this year t() st()p relying s() much ()n Zephyr f()r b()()ze in general? It's starting t() feel a little weird t() have a kid their age supply all my mind-altering substance needs, and it's n()t like we're sh()rt ()n things that c()uld be fermented ar()und here. Anyway. I digress)

I was thinking ()f b()rr()wing s()me tables and chairs fr()m the meeting tent, and Lin's already agreed t() d() the f()()d, s() that stuff's c()vered